Hi, I'm Kristian

Hi there, my name's Kristian de Groot. I’m a non-native English Language Coach... and a Lifelong Learner of English. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

How can I improve my English when I have little time to practise?

… you've found the right place!

Why Work With Me?

Imagine two versions of yourself, 1 year into the future. What would your life be like if you didn't improve your English each day? What would life look like if you improved your English each day?

The amount of practice and number of repetitions largely determine your progress in English. What's more, ultimately they have a big impact on your happiness.   

Put simply: Better Study Habits. Better English. Better Life.

It's a simple formula, but it works. Even if you have little time to learn English. 

I can show you how.

Introducing: The Making English a Habit 1-1 Online Coaching Program.

Plain and simple, this online coaching program will help you improve your study habits, improve your English, and in turn, improve your life. Even if you don't have much time. Even if you aren't sure how to begin. And even if you have failed in the past.

After you enroll in the coaching program, you will be able to:

  • Schedule online classes directly with me, whenever it suits you
  • Get one-on-one English classes designed to help you achieve your goals
  • Receive my notes, feedback, and a link to the recorded lesson after each class 
  • Receive 3x per week instructions via email to help you make real progress

1:1 Coaching Program starts at $30/USD per hour.   

Interested to find out if my coaching works for you? I offer a free 30-minute lesson in which I teach you how to start making real progress in English.

You won't regret this 30-minute investment in your English skills.

Start making the best possible progress

Even if you don't have much time. Even if you aren't sure how to begin.